A LEGO Brickumentary (2014)

Evaluation: 6 (Votes: 74)

Movie Documentary, Family "A LEGO Brickumentary" Torrent is rated with 6 points out of 10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) according to 74 ratings by critics. Film is released in 2014-11-09 by Global Emerging Markets (GEM), HeLo, . The main stars are Jason Bateman, Matthias Klie, . The length of the whole piece is 93 minutes.

Original title: A LEGO Brickumentary
Slogan: If you thought you knew the world of Lego, YOU DON'T KNOW BRICK!
Genres: Documentary, Family
Release date 2014-11-09
Duration: 93 Min
Country: United States of America,Denmark
State: Released
Budget: 650000

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Critic A LEGO Brickumentary Reviews

Critic Reviews

Sara Stewart

MetaScore: 50 AddDate: 07-29-2015 Autor: Sara Stewart

For a company that purports to be all about sparking creativity, asking a kid to follow Ikea-evocative directions to assemble an X-wing fighter seems at odds with the mission.

Steven Rea

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 07-30-2015 Autor: Steven Rea

Although it often feels like a company-bankrolled promo film, A Lego Brickumentary answers all the questions both Lego novices and Lego nerds would want to know.

Randy Cordova

MetaScore: 40 AddDate: 07-30-2015 Autor: Randy Cordova

A LEGO Brickumentary feels like one of those cheerful corporate videos that gets screened at team meetings, designed to rouse employees into a rah-rah fervor. The down side: Most videos of that ilk don’t last for 90 minutes.

MetaScore: 63 AddDate: 07-31-2015 Autor: Peter Sobczynski

Most of this is interesting enough, although a little too self-congratulatory at times, but A LEGO Brickumentary never really goes much deeper than that.

Jesse Hassenger

MetaScore: 58 AddDate: 07-29-2015 Autor: Jesse Hassenger

Directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge drive home the company’s grown-up fan base by logging an amusingly eclectic array of celebrity testimonials: Ed Sheeran, Trey Parker, and NBA star Dwight Howard.

Clayton Dillard

MetaScore: 25 AddDate: 07-27-2015 Autor: Clayton Dillard

Here's a documentary so insidious, so comprehensively scrubbed clean, that it argues for the therapeutic powers of consumerism.

Marc Mohan

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 07-31-2015 Autor: Marc Mohan

This 90-minute exploration of the myriad ways Lego is great suffers from a relentlessly annoying narrator and a punishingly peppy tone. Still, if you're an AFOL—that is, an Adult Fan of Lego — or even a KFOL — you can figure that one out, right?—there's plenty to make it worth your while. If you're not, don't bother.

Tom Russo

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 07-30-2015 Autor: Tom Russo

A wide-ranging new survey of the toy’s global subculture and appeal.

Peter Debruge

MetaScore: 50 AddDate: 08-04-2015 Autor: Peter Debruge

Most of the jokes are real groaners, though the humor is welcome, while shooting select exteriors with tilt-shift lenses (for a miniature-faking effect that makes real-world buildings look like tiny Lego sets) adds another creative touch to the overall package.

Eric Kohn

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 07-30-2015 Autor: Eric Kohn

Directors Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson at least manage to cast a broad enough net to put the great big celebration in context: Legos are hotter than ever, and this new documentary effectively tells you why.